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Sonny Stitt in Saginaw, Michigan

Below are a collection of documents from Sonny Stitt’s early years in Saginaw, Michigan. The first is a 1940 census document that shows his family living at 612 N. Franklin Street:


Photo #1 is looking south down Franklin Street. Sonny Stitt’s childhood home would have stood in the empty lot in the center of the photo:


Photo #2 is looking north at the corner of Franklin and Carlisle Streets. The Stitt house would have stood behind the trees.


A page from Saginaw’s Annual Reflector yearbook. Edward “Sonny” Stitt can be seen sitting front-and-center as the band’s first clarinetist. Stitt would go on to be the first black president of the Saginaw High School Band.

Sonny Stitt High School